The Cast

The Rt.Hon.
Sir Joseph Porter K.C.B.
First Lord of the Admiralty
Bobbie Greatorex
Captain Corcoran
Commanding HMS Pinafore
Donald Stephenson
Ralph Rackstraw
Able Seaman
Colin Belsey

Dick Deadeye
Able Seaman
Arthur Berwick
Bill Bobstay
Boatswain's Mate
Andrew Aspland
Bob Becket
Carpenter's Mate
Robin Withey

The Captain's Daughter

Helen Johnson

Sir Joseph's First Cousin
Alex Bird

Little Buttercup
A Portsmouth Bumboat Woman
Liz Kelley
 NODA critique by Pam Booth

What a lovely relaxing way to spend an evening with the sailors of HMS Pinafore.

The orchestra, under the direction of Oliver Longstaff, began the evening with the delightful overture. When the curtains opened they revealed a wonderful well designed set. There was a strong male chorus of sailors and an equally strong chorus of sisters, cousins and aunts and their singing was a joy to listen to.

Captain Corcoran (Donald Stephenson) delivered both his lib and vocals with lovely clear diction and you could hear every word. Sir Joseph Porter (Bobbie Greatorex) provided much amusement especially in 'Never Mind the Why and Where', he is obviously very experienced in this field. Josephine (Helen Johnson) had a lovely clear voice which was very easy to listen to and Liz Kelly as Little Buttercup provided us with more humour and was well cast in this part.

A very strong cast supported throughout -there was not a weak link amongst them.

The costumes were excellent with great attention being paid to accessories and hairstyles.

Overall this was a superb production and it was a pity that more people were not there to enjoy it. Perhaps they are waiting to see it at the G&S Festival in August!

First Lord's Sisters, Cousins and Aunts



Wendy Belsey
First soprano

Jane Fawcett

Chris Lowe
First soprano
Catherine Culligan
Second soprano

Vanessa Horwell Second soprano
Dot Haken
Charlotte Brown
Second soprano

Gwen Nuttall First soprano

Sam Westwood

Julie Robinson Contralto

Carrie Brown

Lucy Millar Contralto

Roz Ebbetts Contralto

Sailors and Marines


A Marine
Philip Bird   
Mike Dixon
Thomas Gray
John Carter

Kit Hadley-Day

Jim Coleman

Peter Haken

Gordon Fawcett

Martin Johnson

Andy Wilkinson


Director - Alistair Donkin
Musical Director - Oliver Longstaff
Chorus Master - Nicholas Whitaker